Paper Cut Art


As an interior designer, I am tied to my computer for most of the day. I started making my papercuts as a way to break away from the computer, and to create something from simple materials and methods. I loved the idea of uncovering something beautifully intricate using a single sheet of paper and a blade- it doesn't get more basic than that. I draw inspiration from the art, architecture, and unique culture surrounding me. Travel is an important and huge part of my life, and some of my artwork is derived from the places I've been and where my travels will take me next. Below are samples of my work, but click on the link for my current listings. To request a custom commission please message me at for more information and pricing.

Niki’s artwork is absolutely excellent and so impressive. She did custom work for me and exceeded my expectations by far. She was easy to work with and delivered the pieces so quickly. I would fully recommend her to anyone, and plan to purchase many more pieces. It baffles me how she cuts such intricate designs, but she does it in such a precise and artful way.